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Flu Prevention

We have multiple products at our office that have been proven more effective than the flu shot at preventing the flu, and shortening the duration and severity if you do get it!

In addition to preventing the flu, you will also get the added benefits of a healthier immune system in general, improved gut function, and improved brain function. All without having to get a shot!

Come get IgG Protect (or SBI Protect for lactose intolerants) in capsule or powder form. Take it daily throughout cold and flu season. I add some daily to my morning shake!

It is not possible to completely prevent the flu. If you do get the flu, or any viral fever illness*, we have Viracid available. This can be used immediately when you develop a fever related to the flu or viral illness, or can be taken daily throughout cold and flu season in place of IgG Protect.

Viracid contains critical vitamins, minerals and amino acids important for immune boosting. It also contains Black Elderberry and Echinacea, which improve immune cell numbers and function.

Do something natural for your health this cold and flu season. Take supplements that make you healthier overall, and prevent the flu better than the flu shot!

*Viracid, IgG Protect and SBI Protect are intended to be used as supplements and are not for the treatment or diagnosis of any infection or illness. Do not use these products as a supplement for any bacterial infection or illness. Consult your physician if you are considering using these products.

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